A beautifully illustrated, uplifting collection of poems for adults and children encourages readers of all ages to unplug and appreciate the present.


NASHVILLE, TN – Author Jet Widick challenges the generations-old notion that well-written and powerful poetry is poetry saturated with melancholy themes and bleak perspectives in her latest illustrated collection, White Wild Indigo.

After living with silent Celiac disease for 15 years, Jet’s diagnosis presented an opportunity for her to seize control of her life from a once unknown assailant. As she fought to improve her physical health, she realized that her story could serve to help others on their journeys to wellness, and in doing so discovered the deep healing power of writing.

Written alongside her creative director, Kristen Alden, and illustrator Annie Moor, Jet’s third book of poems for adults and children chooses not to shy away from difficult or complex subjects. Supported by bright, whimsical illustrations, the nature-inspired poems deliver messages of compassion, tenacity and using perspective to empower yourself and others.

Jet Widick, the author and poet behind the popular Gluten Free Sage blog, is a wellness expert and advocate for Celiac disease who has worked to share her story in hopes that others will find inspiration and hope. Jet, a nickname her sons bestowed her once she became healthy and transformed herself, has seen creative endeavors blossom since she published her first two collections of poems. She and her partner in crime, Kristen Alden, continue to expand their exploration of poetry with projects like their Poetry in Motion series. Visit them online at http://www.jetwidick.com.

In an interview Jet and Kristen can discuss:

  • Jet’s journey and advocacy with Celiac disease
  • the decisions behind opting to self-publish
  • their mission to promote wellness, self-awareness and confidence
  • inspirations behind the poems
  • why creating Gluten Free Sage was so important
  • the significance and inspiration of “Keep at it!”
  • and more!


About the Book:

“White Wild Indigo”
Written by Jet Widick | Illustrated by Annie Moor | Book Baby
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1543911183 | Price: $28.99
Paperback ISBN: 978-1543911305 | Price: $11.99
Illustrated Children’s Poetry




An Interview with Jet Widick

What first inspired you to begin writing poetry?
I wrote a lot of rhyming poetry when my boys were little and then things got incredibly busy and it took a backseat to much more important things such as work, raising the boys and building a rock solid foundation. It kicked back up again after one of the boys had a bicycle accident (Battered not Broken,) and then went full send into writing again after a 10 day hiking trip in Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler, and shortly thereafter inspiration from a trip to Laredo, Mexico and then the trails of Vail, Colorado. Being outside, in nature, under starry skies or surrounded by birds and tall trees brought out this whole creative side that I had tucked away in my back pocket.

Did your writing change after your Celiac diagnosis?
Not directly related to it, but–once I was well and not malnourished (my only obvious symptom) it really took off. Recovering fully from Celiac took awhile, and navigating that lifestyle was something I had to learn. There were no experts or wise queens to help me. It was trial and error and that is why I launched glutenfreesage.com to help other people successfully navigate this new way of living… and then the poetry blossomed; mixed with many other beautiful things that followed. I would have to say my whole life I was artistic, but it was impractical for me to go that route when there were mouths to feed and lots of work to do. I prioritized other things first, so writing and poetry was something I set aside. I don’t advise it in retrospect. I now know you can do both. Everyone’s situation is different. Leading a full and balanced life is easy when you’re well, so I try not to be to hard on myself during that my Celiac went undiagnosed. My main goal was to have an amazing family, and–with everything that was going on–I’m proud and grateful for how that turned out.

Where do the ideas and themes in your poems come from?
Real life, kindness, sweetness, nature… love!

How did you decide to write and self-publish three books?
I was helping a lot of people hit goals and I LOVED that on every level. Being behind the scenes and handling minutiae of the people you love is beautiful. Then there came a time, however, when a wonderful friend asked me to think about what I want to do for myself. What sets your soul on fire? That’s when I made glutenfreesage.com, and then the poems just came from every corner of my heart.

What would you say to anyone skeptical of the healing aspect of poetry that you’ve discovered?
It heals! In a major way. It connects, rebuilds, warms. Poetry is everything. It’s your whole heart for your whole life in words.



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