Immortal Sisters Vanquish Historical Villains in Thousand Year Journey

NASHVILLE, TN– The year is 1095, Normandy, France. Five year old Skylar runs away into the woods to escape nuns who are convinced her inexplicable seizures are the work of satan. She survives after being adopted by wolves, when two mysterious strangers appear and reveal Skylar’s destiny to her. Skylar is the first of the Immortal Girls, destined to save humanity from itself.

Immortal Girl5 (January 22, 2019) follows Skylar, Rachel, Caitlin, Beth, and Bethany, five immortal sisters who, over the course of a thousand years, attempt to learn the purpose of their own existence while hunting down the worst criminals this world has ever seen. They’ve faced the likes of Jack the Ripper and the Nazis, but as a new enemy arises to threaten the sisters’ survival they’ll soon learn that immortality doesn’t mean forever.

GRIFFIN STARK is an American author who proudly lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Even as a young child, Griffin had an active imagination. As an author of Young Adult Fiction, he has harnessed his creativity to tell a story that is memorable and filled with important life lessons.

Griffin served as a combat medic in The United States Air Force and received several accommodations. He also founded THE SHEEPDOG MOVEMENT to join in the fight against bullying of teens worldwide.



“Immortal Girl5”
Griffin Stark | Real Books 360 | January 22, 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9780692142356 | Price: $15.00
Young Adult | Fantasy








In an interview, Griffin Stark can discuss:

  • The importance of strong female protagonists in YA lit
  • His SHEEPDOG MOVEMENT, an anti-bullying for teens
  • His experiences as a combat medic in the United States Air Force


PressKitAuthorPhotostarkAn Interview with Griffin Stark

What inspired you to write this book, your first novel?
Steve Jobs once said that if you ask a creative person how they did something they will never be able to tell you. The inspiration just came to me one day out of the blue in September 2014 and I ran with it.

What did your research process for the various historical settings in the book look like?
I really liked the idea of including famous teenage girls throughout history that made a huge impact on the world in their time. I extensively researched every time-period that is portrayed in the book. Jack-the Ripper was never found because the Immortal Girls took good care of him.

What’s the significance of the “Sheepdog” in the book?
The Sheepdog story is as old as time. The Girls are the protectors of the innocent and those who cannot protect themselves. They are the ultimate Sheepdogs.

How did the girls’ characters change while you were writing the book?
When I started writing the book four years ago, there were originally seven girls. Unfortunately,
seven was too many characters to keep track of for leads. So, the number of Immortal Girls went down to five. I really like that number by the way. You will see it referenced a lot throughout the book. Also, when I started the book, the girls were very violent.