New urban fantasy takes readers on thrilling journey into Bay Area’s supernatural underbelly

SAN FRANCISCO – In the pulsating heart of San Francisco lies a world hidden from ordinary eyes, a realm where supernatural forces shape the fate of humanity. This is the captivating backdrop of “The Others,” (September 2024, SparkPress) a spellbinding urban fantasy novel by acclaimed author Evette Davis, which is set to enthrall readers with its potent blend of mystery, romance and magic.

Olivia Shepherd is a political consultant with a secret: She possesses empathic abilities, the power to sense the emotions of those around her. Keen to keep her supernatural gifts hidden, Olivia’s world is upended when Elsa, an ancient time-walker, appears in her kitchen, unveiling a destiny she never knew she had. As Olivia delves deeper into the hidden world of the “Others” who lurk beneath San Francisco’s foggy streets, she finds herself drawn into the clandestine organization, the Council, and Gabriel Laurent, the enigmatic leader of a realm where vampires, witches, fairies and demons navigate a delicate balance of power. Caught between her burgeoning abilities, her new role within the Council, and her blossoming romance with the centuries-old vampire William, Olivia must confront shocking revelations about her own past and embrace the true extent of her powers. 

“The Others” is a tour de force, weaving together themes of self-discovery, empowerment and the timely issue of the dangers of political extremism. With its richly drawn characters, pulse-pounding plot twists, and atmospheric San Francisco setting, the novel promises a gripping ride from start to finish. With its darkly seductive tone, sophisticated storytelling, and cliffhanger ending, fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance will be captivated and left eagerly awaiting the next installment.

“A rollicking supernatural jaunt through time that leaps out of the famous San Francisco fog and right onto our latest news pages. Davis combines her inside knowledge of Bay Area politics with a gripping tale of vampires and shape-shifters that leave us never quite looking at the city the same way again.”
— David Callaway, former editor in chief, USA Today

“The Others: Book 1 in The Council Trilogy”

Evette Davis | Sept. 17, 2024 | SparkPress | Urban Fantasy 

Paperback, 9781684632701, $17.95

Also by Evette Davis

“48 States”

June 21, 2022 | Flesh & Bone | Science-Fiction
Paperback, 979-8985813302, $14.99

What if trusting a stranger is the only way to save your life?

Widow, single mother, and Army veteran Jennifer “River” Petersen works as a truck driver in Energy Territory No. 1, formerly known as North Dakota. Forced to enlist after her father’s death, the lines of River’s life have been redrawn, much like the United States’ map has changed. Living in a motel room with nothing but her books and a Glock handgun for company, River is weeks away from returning home when an injured man standing in the middle of the highway upends her plans. From the moment he encounters River, Finn Cunningham knows he must conceal his identity or be left for dead. His deception draws them into a megalomaniac’s deadly conspiracy to ignite a civil war and overthrow the government. If River and Finn want to survive, they’ll have to learn to trust one another and themselves.

Perfect for readers who loved “Station Eleven,” “California,” and “Gold Fame Citrus,” “48 States” is a one-of-a-kind dystopian thriller about the dangers of extremism and the power of love and forgiveness. 

About the Author

Evette Davis is a science-fiction and fantasy writer. She is most recently the author of “48 States,” which Kirkus named one of the Best Indie Books of 2022. The book was also a quarter-finalist for the BookLife Prize 2023 and longlisted in the 2023 Indie Book Awards.  

Davis is also the author of “The Others,” the first installment of The Council Trilogy, which will be released in September 2024 by Spark Press. 

Davis is a member of the Board of Directors for Litquake, San Francisco’s annual literary festival. In 2023 and 2017, Friends of the San Francisco Public Library honored Davis as a Library Laureate. Her work has also been published in the San Francisco Chronicle.

When she’s not writing novels, Davis advises some of the country’s largest corporations, nonprofits and institutions as a consultant and co-owner of BergDavis Public Affairs, an award-winning San Francisco-based consulting firm. Before establishing her firm, Davis worked in Washington as a press secretary for a member of Congress. She previously was a reporter for daily newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Davis splits her time between San Francisco and Sun Valley, Idaho. For more information or to sign up for her newsletter, visit

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In an interview, Evette Davis can discuss:

  • Timely themes of fascism, xenophobia and political unrest: As echo chambers across the internet create increasingly polarized communities politically, the book examines how extremist values can harm the creation and functioning of communities.
  • The book’s empowering protagonist: Olivia Shepherd is not your typical heroine. As a political consultant with empathic abilities, she grapples with her newfound powers while navigating the complexities of her own past. Olivia’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment resonates with readers seeking strong, multifaceted female characters — particularly with Gen X, millennial and Gen Z women.
  • The novel’s richly imagined world: “The Others” transports readers into a vividly realized world where supernatural forces lurk beneath the surface of San Francisco. From hidden magical realms to secret organizations, the novel offers a captivating blend of fantasy and reality.
  • The series’ intriguing mythology: Readers are introduced to a rich tapestry of supernatural lore. The novel explores the intricate relationships between beings such as vampires and witches and the delicate balance of power that governs their existence.
  • All the romance and suspense: At its core, the novel is a gripping tale of romance and suspense. The burgeoning relationship between Olivia and William adds an extra layer of intrigue to the story. The author can also discuss plans to explore different types of relationships — including polyamory — in future installments.
  • Exploring themes of identity and acceptance: As Olivia grapples with her heritage and the truth about her family, the book delves into themes of identity and acceptance. Through Olivia’s journey, readers are invited to explore their own sense of self and the importance of embracing one’s true nature.
  • The novel’s appeal to fans of urban fantasy: “The Others” offers a fresh and compelling take on the genre. Its blend of magic, mystery and romance makes it a must-read for readers craving an immersive and thrilling literary escape.
  • Where the author gets her inspiration: Davis draws inspiration from the vibrant city of San Francisco, where she’s a resident, and a lifelong fascination with the supernatural. She can also discuss real-life locations that are featured in the book, as well as additional Easter eggs that those familiar with the Bay Area can expect to find in the story.

An interview with Evette Davis

1.What different mythologies did you draw on when deciding what supernatural creatures to include in the book? Did you have to conduct any special research to help you write these characters?  

I have a robust collection of encyclopedias and anthologies about supernatural creatures that inspired my thinking. First and foremost though, I read a lot about ancient women leaders, from Hecate to Boudicca. I was looking at traditions that place women at the center of a culture for their gifts as healers and seers. At its core, “The Others” is a meditation on women finding their power and making peace with it. I also have an impressive library of books about poisonous plants and weapons. 

2. Are any of your characters inspired by people you have known in real life? 

As some of them are still alive, I will say yes, but offer the caveat that I am a lifelong observer of people and a notorious eavesdropper. I collect a lot of data in my head about human behavior and use it to shape characters. What partially inspired this story is my experience co-managing a PR firm for 25 years.  I remember vividly being worried about the competition in the early years. 

3. How have your own political ideologies, as well as your work in politics and with governments, shaped this series? 

I dislike extremists in all forms. When I first began my career, there was no email, no social media and cable TV was nascent. The ability to say anything you like, to anybody, at any time, with no way to reflect on it, is not a net positive for society. The chaos creates an atmosphere and the people who thrive, are often the ones who can survive the toxicity. In politics, that brings out interesting personalities. 

4. What’s the process like for a writer sitting down and creating scenes that are more romantic or erotic? Are those more or less difficult for you? 

I love writing sex scenes. It’s so difficult because you have to find a way to engage people without being cliche — at least I do. I often prefer the flirty banter more than the actual mechanics of who does what to whom. I read a lot of other sexy paranormal books, so I get good inspiration.

5. Can you talk a bit about your history with San Francisco and why you set the first book of the series there? 

I’ve lived in San Francisco for 20-plus years. My husband and I raised our daughter here and have lived in the city near Golden Gate Park for most of that time. I grew up in Los Angeles but visited San Francisco with friends when I was in high school and decided it was going to be my home one day. There is really no other city in the world where I want to live. Its combination of natural beauty, proximity to the outdoors and cool-ass residents makes it home for me. You have to be here to understand — even more so after the whole doomloop thing, which only made us more resolute to stay. It seemed like a no brainer to base my characters here. 

6. You’ve dipped your toes into speculative fiction already with “48 States.” How does this book differ from your previous work? 

It’s a bit lighter in terms of the characters and subject matter, but it’s still toying with the same themes of the danger of extremism and women leaders finding their way. Although I should say, the third book in the trilogy, “The Campaign,” which comes out in September 2025, is very dark and will feel similar to “48 States.”

7. You own a public affairs firm — how do you manage to successfully run a business while also writing? 

I would say some days I’m successful and some days I’m not. I love writing; it’s an essential part of what makes me feel like me. So I forgo other things to make time to write, and I’m grateful my family over the years has supported me. 

8. Why is this story important to you personally? 

I am interested in how women become leaders. How they find their power, how they express it and what that journey looks like. I’m on the same journey of self-discovery, and it’s fraught at times, especially with social media and the false realities it lays out for us about what success looks like. 

9. What do you hope readers gain from this book or the series as a whole?

First and foremost I hope they are entertained and enjoy digging into a heart-bounding series full of danger, adventure and love. I also hope they enjoy Olivia’s journey to become a leader and have confidence in herself, which is something I think everyone can relate to. 

10. No spoilers! But what’s next for the series?

Josef is going to run his own detective agency and investigate missing or lost magical objects that may or may not affect the fate of humanity. Readers can expect the characters of The Council Trilogy to continue on, albeit in a slightly different way. 

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