Tips for taking your video interview skills to the next level

Help! How can I use video interviews to promote my book?

As the popularity of video conferencing continues to grow, more authors are being invited to record interviews using Zoom than ever before. 

Are you prepared to make the most of a video interview? Read on for answers to our frequently asked questions–

How should I prepare for a video interview?

One of the first things you should do is watch some episodes of the show! The more episodes you watch, the better you’ll be able to understand the host, the format of the show, and the tone of the interview.

If the host shares a list of questions or talking points, be sure to look everything over prior to the interview. If they don’t have an outline for you, feel free to send them some suggestions for topics you’d like to discuss.

How can I reduce the chances of tech issues?

First, ask the producer or host if they have any equipment suggestions. Some interviewers will want you to use headphones or specific recording devices. Familiarize yourself with the technology in advance of the interview.

Next, be sure to test that your microphone and camera are working properly.

You should also double check that your wifi connection is strong and stable for video interviews.

In order to ensure that your audio recording is sufficient, be sure to reduce background noise by turning off fans and closing open windows.

How can I make sure that I look good on camera?

Start by selecting your recording environment–background and lighting make a huge difference! Choose a quiet, well-lit space (natural light is best), with a clean, neutral background. Many authors choose to record video interviews in their office or in front of a bookshelf, but any private space will do. You can use the “blur” feature to hide your background if you’re worried about showcasing your home to the public,

As far as clothing goes, you should aim to wear something that’s comfortable, professional and, most importantly, that feels like “you.” While it may be tempting to wear a suit jacket with pajama pants, we don’t recommend it. It’s best to dress from head to toe–even if no one can see the pants or shoes you put on, having a fully put together outfit can give you the confidence boost you need to succeed!

If you tend to talk with your hands, try to reduce the amount of gestures you use during the interview. You should also practice using a neutral facial expression, such as a soft smile, throughout the interview. This helps to ensure that your image stays professional, even if the video software glitches or freezes.

How can I promote my book during the interview?

Just like with a radio interview, the host will give you opportunities to talk about your book. However, unlike radio, you can actually show your book’s cover to the camera!

Be sure to keep a copy of your book nearby and hold it up to the camera at appropriate times. If you’re running a giveaway using swag like tote bags or t-shirts, you can also show those off!

What else should I know?

The most important thing is to have fun and be yourself! If you were invited to be a guest on a podcast or television program, it’s because the producer or host saw something special in you–and your book. Now, go on and share your message with the world!